J. S. Premier Company was established to search for better products to upgrade the living of people.  We operate under four principal rules, which are:

  1. Offer better products
  2. Offer our products at a reasonable price
  3. Offer customer satisfaction for both product line and service
  4. Offer a range of products to serve different budgets

Under these guidelines, J. S. Premier Company debuted with an initial product called the “Hair Brush and Comb”.  It was developed and produced under the brand name “CAMEO” by VSJ Brush Company

VSJ Brush Factory was initially established under the company name Bangkok Advance in 1975. Bangkok Advance was fully OEM and worked under policy “Quality and Loyalty”.  Later, the name was changed to VSJ Brush Company and lastly changed to J.S Premier Company.

In the year 1975, most hair brushes and combs were imported from foreign countries such as Taiwan and Japan. In 1975 VSJ Brush Company started producing hair brushes for first time. The hair brushes were all handmade from 1975 to 1980.  Later, machines and technology from Taiwan were brought to improve capacity but skilled laborer is still needed to maintain the high quality of our products.  J.S. Premier Company was initially established to support VSJ Brush Company produced and distribute product from the company.

Nowadays, J. S. Premier Company is trusted by Thai Airways to provide the high quality hairbrushes for first class customers traveling by air and train for years 2005 to 2006.

Since the company has experience in manufacturing and marketing hairbrushes for 30 years, we are confident that you will agree the Cameo Brand is the most desirable hairbrush and comb manufactured today. We are concerned most about quality and the image of our products.  Today Cameo has different options and styles to support our costumer’s needs.  Some of our different product lines include: Cameo-salon, Cameo brush, Comb set for professional, fiber comb, wood grain brush, cushion and styling brush, foot / nail care and, last, nail accessories.  To please our customers our management has recently added a variety of additional products such as cosmetic, beauty accessories, hair care and eye care products. We are also the exclusive distributor of cosmetics and beauty accessories branded Basicare and Be-U in Thailand.

Speaking of new creations, we recently developed a high quality hair and scalp treatment called Raffine to respond to our costumer’s special request. Raffine is a detox complex to use daily. Raffine is also well known within professional salons all over Thailand as well as supermarkets and wholesale beauty markets.

One of the most important things we have created lately is our own cosmetic and beauty accessories line called Estasy.  Estasy is focused specifically on products for the eyes such as eyelashes, eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner, eye make up remover and the eyelash glue exclusive to Watson store. With our non-stop development we will proudly present new cosmetic products under brand Estasy in the future.

Satisfaction of all our customers is our goal.


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Tel : +66-2433-7494  Fax: +66-2883-4799 Email: info@js-premier.co.th