J. S. Premier Company was established under the inspiration for “searching for better products to upgrade the living of people”. We operate under four principal ruleswhich are always offering better products, always offering reasonable price, offering satisfaction both physically and mentally, all classes of people are our concerned thus regularly we come with many ranges of a product.


Under that mission, J. S. Premier Company came with the initial product which is “Hair Brush and Comb”. It has been developed and produced under brand name CAMEO by VSJ Brush Company

VSJ Brush Factory was initially established under company named Pass-Sim in 1975. The company was fully OEM and worked under policy “Quality and Loyalty”. Later, the name has been changed to VSJ Brush Company.

Back to the year 1975, most of hair brush and comb was imported from foreign countries such as Taiwan, Japan. In that time, "Bangkok Advance" or nowadays called VSJ Brush Company, started producing hair brush for first time. The produced hair brushes were all handmade in first period, 1975-1980. Later the machines and technology from Taiwan have been brought to improve the capacity. However, the laborers are still needed in order to maintain the quality of products.



The hair brushes which have been sold in domestic market are known as Brunick, Edgard, Young World, Michael, Daisy, Lucky, etc. The company has also experienced in exporting hair brush to foreign market such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even Japan.

Nowadays, the company has been trusted by the Thai Airway to provide the quality hair brushes for the first class customers both traveling by air and train for year 2005-2006.

Since the company have experienced in manufacturing and marketing about hair brush for 30 years, we are confident that “Cameo” will be the most reasonable brand for hair brush and comb. We concern most about quality and image of the product. “Satisfaction of customers is our aspiration” said Mr. Weera Rojwongsuriya, the proprietor of J.S. Premier Company.

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